Executive Committee Interview: Becoming Leaders

This Sunday - November, 15th our chapter will be swearing in its new executive committee (EC). The EC serves as the governing body for the chapter and as a whole, coordinates with all other committee leaders throughout the organization. As new leaders step in, old ones step out as they are coming near the path to graduation. Although there are many obstacles to overcome serving as a governing member of the chapter, the rewards of serving a term in office are innumerable. The skills that we have developed as leaders by serving on the Executive Committee will be carried down with us for the rest of our lives.

From left to right: Grand Scribe - Matt Wronski, Grand Procurator (Vice President) - Randy Hebert, Grand Master (President) - Adam Comer, Grand Master of Ceremonies (Development) - Derek Arguello, Grand Treasurer - Eric Laginess, 

What made you rush Kappa Sigma and when did you know it was the right choice?

Eric: I rushed Kappa Sigma, not only for the vast networking opportunities after college, but for the strong brotherhood experience while still in my undergraduate studies at Grand Valley State University. Growing up I was always into sports and being apart of that sports atmosphere and brotherhood of a well playing team was something I strived for when coming to college. The first time I had come to the Kappa Sigma Cookout during Fall rush of my freshman year I immediately discovered the strong bond every guy in the fraternity had with each other and from there it instantly reminded me of my sports teams growing up and in turn I felt at home with Kap Sig.

Why did you want to be an EC member and what was the path you took to get there?

Matt: I wanted to become a member of the Executive Committee so that I could contribute to the advancement of the fraternity as much as I could. I started as Academic Excellence Chairman shortly after being initiated and then took over as Director of Recruitment and Assistant Grand Scribe. Holding all of these chairs, especially recruitment, greatly improved my communication and leadership skills that helped me as one of the youngest members of the EC. Had I not overseen two important chairs in the fraternity and served alongside the Grand Scribe, I very well would not have landed an EC position as early and as fast as I did.

What was the most rewarding moment as an Executive Committee member?

Randy: There have been many rewarding moments for me as a member of the Executive Committee, my favorite was seeing all the members coming together to help win Greek Week 2015. As a member of the Executive Committee you take extra pride in what the chapter does because you are a leader of the chapter. Seeing the chapter come together to participate in something and win is a very rewarding experience.

What do you think is the most important quality for a leader to posses and why?

Derek: Communication and commitment. Although these are two separate traits, they stand together and act as one. I feel that a leader must be able to effectively relay and receive information from their organization then act accordingly. Commitment  becomes prominent for a leader to be able to follow through with what they say or what the team wants for the betterment of all. 

What are your plans after graduation and has being an EC member helped you be more prepared to enter your career?

Eric: After graduation I plan to go through the masters program here at GVSU in order to pursue my MBA in Accounting and later on test for the CPA exam. Holding my leadership position in the Fraternity showed me just how hard you have to work in order to get where you want to be. Also to go along with the hard work it takes to get to that final spot comes the responsibility with the position you take. I had no idea of half the work the Grand Treasurer had to deal with, but once elected I soon found out that my hard work needed to keep continue on and be even stronger with the higher position.