Executive Committee


Grand Master: Logan Kirnbauer

The Grand Master serves as the presiding officer over the entire chapter. The duties of the position includes many responsibilities but can most accurately be broken down into two: Leadership and Administration. It is the Grand Master's duty to keep the chapter informed, serving as a liaison between the university, public, and Headquarters.

Grand Procurator: Zach Walker


The Grand Procurator serves as the judicial affairs officer, while serving as second in command to the Grand Master. The Grand Procurator is also responsible for updating Chapter by-laws and overseeing Judicial Board hearings. Officers that are overseen by this position include; Academic Excellence, Special Events, Housing, 
Risk Management, and Brothers in Action. 

Grand Treasurer: Avery Slade

Avery slade.JPG

The responsibilities of chapter finance is regarded with the Grand Treasurer position. The position itself is broken down into four steps; budgeting, collections, disbursement of funds, and recording transactions. The Grand Treasurer oversees the following officers; Community Service, Fundraising, Philanthropy, Apparel, and Intramural Athletics. 

Grand Master of Ceremonies: Tommy Kalensky


The Grand Master of Ceremonies is responsible for the secret ritual of the order. In addition, the position is responsible for the continuation of ritual education to all members and preparing pledges upon initiation while also overseeing the recruitment of new members. Overseen officers include; Recruitment, Pledge Education, Brotherhood, Social, and Ritual Proficiency.

Grand Scribe: Joel Hartman


The Grand Scribe is the backbone of the executive committee. It is essential for the officer of this position to be well organized. The position is responsible for paperwork, reporting new pledges and initiates, meeting minutes, and coordinating alumni reports. Positions overseen by the Grand Scribe include; Historian, Alumni Relations, Internet, Public Relations, and Awards.