The 46th East Lawn at the University of Virginia where Kappa Sigma was first founded. 

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity dates back to the 1400's, where it was founded in Bologna, Italy. It originated as a secret organization made by students at the University of Bologna for mutual protection against the tyrant, Baldassare Cossa. 

Kappa Sigma was founded in America by five students at the University of Virginia on December 10, 1869.  William Grigsby McCormick, George Miles Arnold, John Covert Boyd, Edmund Law Rogers, Jr., and Frank Courtney Nicodemus established the fraternity based on the traditions of the ancient order in Bologna. These five founders  became collectively known as the "Five Friends and Brothers".  

At the heart of all Kappa Sigma lie the Four Pillars which guide his ambition and underpin his success. Striving for excellence in Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service, develops brothers who are involved in all aspects of campus life. The organization promotes members who excel academically as students and professionally upon graduation. Those who develop lifelong bonds with others around them, who support those peers and who serve their colleges and communities for the betterment of the whole. Becoming a Kappa Sigma provides the framework to build yourself into a better man of all aspects.

After 145 years of excellence, Kappa Sigma has become prominent as the largest international fraternity with over 300 active chapters across the United States and Canada