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Champion's Quest

A results-driven recruitment initiative, Champion Quest provides training and motivation to dramatically increase the number of quality men added to the membership rolls of Kappa Sigma each year. 

Stephen Alonzo Jackson was initiated into Kappa Sigma in 1872, and would go on to transform a struggling local fraternity into a strong international Brotherhood. The success of the Order has been the direct result of Jackson’s devotion “to make Kappa Sigma the leading college fraternity of the world.”

The term “rush” is another term for new membership recruitment. It is a great way to learn more about Kappa Sigma and the Greek Community that exists on the Grand Valley State University campus.  During rush, you will have the opportunity to meet the Kappa Sigma members and ask any questions to determine if Kappa Sigma is right for you.

What Is Rush?

Become connected with over 18,000 brothers and 316 chapters across the nation. Join the legions of notable brothers who have gone on to make names for themselves. The current largest fraternity, Kappa Sigma stands alone as the most preferred fraternity in the world. Become a better man by being built into a well-rounded individual that will not only succeed in college but throughout life. 

Why Rush Kappa Sigma?


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